20-23rd of September 2016
Budapest, Hungary, EU
18+ Professional Speakers


The Non invasive Cardiovascular Diagnostics, including in particular US, CT, MRI and PET diagnostics play an increasingly prominent role in modern day patient care. Technological advancements in these fields require continuous learning and development. In order to be able to maintain high standards while performing our work, we must learn the specialities of Cardiological diagnostics. The Central European Conference on Noninvasive Cardiovascular Imaging (medium and advanced level of cardiac imaging) provides us with an excellent opportunity for developing our knowledge.  We have invited the world`s most noted and famous lecturers in this field, thereby guaranteeing a very high professional standard to the conference, providing an opportunity for radiologists to participate in a world-class training event at a low cost. We would like to say thanks to all the lecturers for providing this opportunity to us!

We would kindly like to ask our radiologist colleagues both in Hungary and in other Central European countries to participate in this world-class event taking advantage of the opportunity for professional training provided during this event. Non-invasive cardiac imaging diagnostics are becoming increasingly widely used in daily patient care. In order for radiologists to be competent, and to be able to perform their duties at a high professional level, we should satisfy today`s requirements and must be prepared for tomorrow`s challenges.

Besides participating in this excellent professional program our guests have the opportunity to visit our city and its surrounding regional attractions (Winelands, lake Balaton), and to participate in countless cultural events organised in the city.

Thanks to our supporters, the registration fee is low in order to make participation in this event possible for all Central European radiologists with lower income.

Furthermore, we would like to thank our sponsors for their support allowing access to highly professional training in the field of noninvasive cardiological diagnostics in Central Europe, and allowing further development in the already acquired knowledge!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to wish all participants effective professional work and a pleasant stay in Budapest!



Cardiac Imaging (covering the US, CT, MRI, NM cardiac imaging)

Leading and Important Pulmonary Diseases in Developed Countries (EU, USA)

  • The current status of cardiac imaging – 2016 – Robert Steiner
  • Cardiac stress MRI
  • Imaging of aortic disease
  • Myocarditis
  • Plaque imaging
  • Common cardiac MRI indications
  • Cardiac masses
  • CT imaging of Myocardial Perfusion and Viability
  • Coronary Artery Pathology  – case based discussion (recent NASCI talk)
  • Chest Pain Assessment – Role of Cardiac CT in EU and USA
  • Cardiac CT for Myocardial Function and Valvular Assessment
  • Tissue Characterization with Cardiac MRI
  • Cardiac MRI for Valvular Assessment
  • Applications of Cardiac MR and CT for Congenital Heart Disease (Overview of techniques and indications)
  • The Adult Patient with Congenital Heart Disease (focus on surgical repair and complications)
  • CMR of Pediatric Cardiomyopathy
  • Quantification of Blood Flow using Phase Velocity Cine MRI (Shunts, valvular regurgitation, etc)
  • The Segmental Approach to Congenital Heart Disease and Heterotaxy
  • Cigarette smoking disease and COPD
  • And many more…..


  • Hands on Training with Cardiac workstations (With the contribution of different companies)
  • Case presentations
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Albert de Roos
Albert de Roos
Leiden, The Netherlands
Arthur Stillman
Arthur Stillman
Atlanta, GA, USA
Attila Tóth
Attila Tóth
Budapest, Hungary
Balazs Ruzics
Balazs Ruzics
Liverpool, UK
Béla Merkely
Béla Merkely
Budapest, Hungary
Charles White
Charles White
Baltimore, MD USA
Czezary Kępka
Czezary Kępka
Warsaw, Poland
Diana Litmanovitch
Diana Litmanovitch
Boston, MA, USA
Hildo Lamb
Hildo Lamb
Leiden, The Netherlands
Istvan Battyani
Istvan Battyani
Pécs, Hungary
Joseph U Schoepf
Joseph U Schoepf
Charleston, SC, USA
Judith Amorosa
Judith Amorosa
Newark, NJ, USA
Lawrence R. Goodman
Lawrence R. Goodman
Milwaukee, WI, USA
Mariusz Kruk
Mariusz Kruk
Warsaw, Poland
Matthias Schmitt
Matthias Schmitt
Manchester, UK
Mecit Kantarcı
Mecit Kantarcı
Erzurum, Turkey
Nevzat Karabulut
Nevzat Karabulut
Denizli, Turkey
Pal Maurovich-Horvat
Pal Maurovich-Horvat
Budapest, Hungary
Pal Suranyi
Pal Suranyi
Charleston, SC, USA
Robert M Steiner
Robert M Steiner
Philadelphia, USA
Ruzica Maksimović
Ruzica Maksimović
Belgrade, Serbia
Teodora Benedek
Teodora Benedek
Tirgu Mures, Romania
Thomas Flohr
Thomas Flohr
Forchheim, Germany
Udo Hoffman
Udo Hoffman
Boston, MA, USA
Zsolt Garami
Zsolt Garami
Houston, USA


Tuesday, 20 September

09:00   Welcome
Representative of the Hungarian Health Ministry
President of the Society of Hungarian Radiologists – Viktor Bérczy
Meeting presidents: R Steiner, I Battyáni, P Maurovich–Horvat

Session 1. Pulmonary Imaging Current concepts
Chairs: L Goodman, I Battyáni
09:30   Pulmonary Hypertension multimodality approach – L Goodman
10:00   Novel Insights: Pulmonary embolism – I Battyáni
10:30   CT imaging of the large airways – C White
11:00   Coffee Break

Session 2. Practical aspects of Pulmonary Imaging
Chairs: R Steiner, C White
11:15   PET CT in Lung Cancer – C White
11:45   CT imaging of small airway disease – N Karabulut
12:15   Phenotype concepts in COPD based on the COPD gene Trial – R Steiner
12:45   Lunch time

Session 3. Lung Cancer and the effects of Cigarette Smoking
Chairs: L Goodman, J Amorosa
14:15   Lung Cancer Screening: current state – L Goodman
14:45   Imaging algorithm for diagnosis and staging of lung cancer which modality is best – J Amorosa
15:15   Pulmonary Disease associated with cigarette smoking – R Steiner

Session 4. Interactive pulmonary case discussions
15:45   Unknown cases “Lets have fun“ – L Goodman
16:30   Coffee break

Session 5: How to write a successful grant application, or a paper for presentation or publication or also how to write a successful CV
Chairs: R Steiner, T Benedek
16:45   Former Editor of Journal of Thoracic Imaging. Translating an idea into a paper for presentation – C White
17:00  Past President North American Society of Cardiac Imaging developing a grant application – A Stillman
17:15   Grant application- The European perspectives within Horizon 2020 – T Benedek
17:30   End of day

Wednesday, 21 September

Session 6.  Keynote lecture
Chair: R Steiner, P Maurovich-Horvat
09:00   Hot Issues in Cardiac Imaging – Functional or Anatomic Testing for Stable Chest Pain –
U Hoffmann

Session 7. Fundamentals of cardiac CT imaging
Chair: T Flohr, A Stillman
09:30   Technical principles of cardiac CT – T Flohr
09:50   Indications for cardiac CTA in 2016 – M Kruk
10:10    Update on the coronary artery calcium score – A Stillman
10:30   CT TAVI planning and post processing – Cs Csobay-Novak
10:50   Discussion
11:00   Coffee Break

Session 8. Interactive case discussion
Chair: A Palko, M Kantarci
11:15   Presenters: M Kruk, M Kantarci, A Stillman, P Surányi
12:15   Lunch time

Session 9.  Fundamentals of cardiac MR imaging
Chair: H Lamb, M Schmitt
13:30   Technical principles of cardiac MR – H Lamb
13:55   New Developments in Cardiac MR – P Suranyi
14:20   CMR imaging in patients with implantable cardiovascular devices – M Schmitt
14:45   MR in adult coronary heart disease – A Toth
15:10   Discussion
15:20   Coffee Break

Session 10. CT to guide therapies
Chair: U Hoffmann, B Merkely, P Maurovich-Horvat
15:45  CAC and CCT to select candidate therapies and to guide medical therapy – a paradigm shift? – U Hoffmann
16:05   Pre and post procedural imaging for LAA closure – C Kępka
16:25   Stroke prevention in interventional procedures – Z Garami
16:45   Discussion
17:00   End of day

Thursday, 22 September

Session 11. The latest on MR myocardium imaging
Chair: T Simor, B Ruzsics, P Suranyi
09:00   Myocardial T1-ECV mapping – H Lamb
09:20   Update on use of MR in ARVC – P Suranyi
09:40   MR in cardiac transplant disease – M Schmitt
10:00   Look alikes: Infiltrative myocardial disease with MR – B Ruzsics
10:20   From Diagnosis to Prognosis – Complex MR Examination of the HCM – T Simor
10:40   Coffee break

Session 12. State-of-the-Science on CT imaging in chest pain
Chair: J Schoepf, P Maurovich-Horvat
10:50  Acute Chest Pain CT – State of the Art in 2016 – J Schoepf
11:10   Functional cardiac CT – Myocardial perfusion imaging – T Flohr
11:30   Vulnerable plaque imaging with CT: Which features matter? – P Maurovich-Horvat
11:50   Discussion
12:00   Lunch

Session 13. Best abstract session
Chair: R Steiner, I Battyáni
13:20   Calcified Mass in the Heart – Case Report – L Tóth
13:30   3D printing in preoperative planning – S Szukits, L Lénárd, G Bazsali, Ö Pintér, B Gasz, P Varga, E Várady
13:40   Role of ultrasound in the diaphragm motion in patients with interstitial lung disease – D L Tárnoki, Á D Tárnoki, B Fejér, E Bárczi, N Eszes, A Bohács, V Müller, K Karlinger
13:50   Coronary CT Angiography follow up of Heart transplanted patients – M Karolyi, A Bartykowszki, M Kolossvary, I Kocsmar, B Szilveszter, A L Jermendy, J Karady, O Balogh, B Sax, B Merkely, P Maurovich-Horvat
14:00  Erdheim-Chester disease cardiac involvement evaluated and followed up by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging – I Csécs, A Tóth, F I Suhai, Cs Czimbalmos, M Tóth, Z Pozsonyi, A Vereczkei, B Horváth, Zs Dohy, H Vágó, B Merkely
14:10   Discussion

Session 14. Novel techniques, contrast agents and hybrid imaging
Chair: T Flohr, T Benedek
14:20   CT-derived FFR: One goal different pathways – J Schoepf
14:35   Hybrid imaging pros and cons – M Kruk
14:50   Nanoparticle-based imaging of vulnerable coronary plaques – T Benedek
15:05   The colorful future: spectral and photon counting CT – T Flohr
15:20   Coffee break

Session 15. MRI in cardiovascular and congenital heart disease
Chair: A de Roos, D Litmanovich
16:00   Aortic disease: Multimodality approach – A Stillman
16:20   MRI of the CV system and Brain: correlation between CV disease and dementia – A de Roos
16:40   MR and CT imaging of congenital abnormalities of the great vessels – C White
17:00   How to image congenital heart disease with CT: children vs adults? –  M Kantarci
17:20   Discussion
17:30   End of day

Friday, 23 September

Session 16. Cardiac masses, pericardial alterations
Chair: R Maksimovic, A Toth
09:00   How do I image cardiac masses with MR and CT: practical tips – M Schmitt
09:20   Case selection – cardiac masses – A Toth
09:40   Prosthetic valve thrombosis imaging with CT: Is it real? – B Ruzsics
10:00   Pericardial changes by MR and CT – R Maksimovic
10:20   Discussion
10:30   Coffee break

Session 17. Highlights of the conference, highlights of the year
Chair: R Steiner, I Battyáni, P Maurovich-Horvat
11:00   Top 10 Papers in CT in the past 12 Months – R Steiner
11:20   Top 10 Papers in MR in the past 12 Months – H Lamb
11:40   What have we learned, how do we move forward? – R Steiner
12:00   Best poster prizes – P Maurovich-Horvat
12:20   Closing remarks – I Battyáni

”Clinical Professor of Radiology Stanford University, School of Medicine Stanford California”

Robert M. Steiner , MD. FACC. FACR.

”Med.Habil. University of Pécs, Clinical Centre President of Hungarian College of Radiology”

István Battyáni, MD. PhD.


Early registration until 30 July 2016



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residents, radiographers


Members of Hungarian Society of Radiologists, Members of EACVI Nuclear Cardiology & Cardiac CT Section (silver and gold memberships)


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